Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two People

Any experienced soccer player will tell you that team work is the only way to win a game.  No one player can defeat the other team on his own.  One can try but time and time again he will be knocked down, loose the ball, and eventually will be pulled out due to selfish play.  The sports I play tend to mimic my life and in the game of life we cannot do it alone.  We try and often we find ourselves in the place full of irritability and discontent.  It is pertinent that we show apprecaition and love for the people that do their part to help us survive day to day.  Tonight I want to show my gratitude and love for two people that have been more than supportive...  One has been there a life time and the other is new to my life but is just as supportive as the other.  It is almost as if he has been there all along.

The first person I want to show my gratitude for is my sponsor.  Tony has been truly amazing over the last year.  I met Tony in early December of last year and immediately asked him to be my sponsor.  In the last ten months Tony has been kind, gently, honest and firm.  He has helped me find my way to God and has played a huge roll in helping me loose the obsession to use drugs and alcohol. Tony's relationship with his higher power has been a beacon for me and has helped guide me in the search for my own.  He has never judged me and he always has time for a kind word and is quick to point out the positive, especially when I am deep in that negative hole.  I truly believe that God puts people in our life that will inspire and motivate us when we need it the most. Tony, I am forever grateful for everything you have done for me and you and your family will always be in my prayers.  You are an amazing friend and an even better sponsor.  I could not have made a better decision.

The next second person I want to show my appreciation for but in no way is she the lowest on the list.  When people talk about unconditional love and true support my little sister Corrin is the person that comes to my mind first.  I can remember clear as day the weekend I decided to leave Denver.  I was manic, high as kite, and completely out of my mind after a run in with the police.  Corrin was out of town at our cousins wedding and yet she found time to spend hours on the phone with me.. I cannot remember what was said, I am sure there was a lot of crying on my end and I probably didn't make any sense.  What I do remember is her telling me that everything will be okay.  Corrin has never let me down.  She is always supportive and defends me to end whether I am right or wrong.  She always calls me on my bullshit.  She does not hesitate to make sure that I am never alone and is always helpful in helping me understand the ways of God, which are so new and always confusing to me.  Corrin always pushes me to love harder, eat healthier and to do my part in my community.  She leads by example and is by far the strongest, wisest, woman I have ever known.  She has also given me one of the greatest blessings of my life, my niece, Adelaide Amanda.  She brings me so much joy and makes me forget all the pain of life when she is in my arms.  It is a really funny thing  how an infant can make me feel so safe.  Corrin my hat is off to you.  You are an asset to mankind and I strive everyday to follow your lead and to be an older brother you can be proud of.  I will never have the words to tell you or anyone else how much I love you and how lucky I am to have you.  You are a light in my life that never fades.  I am eternally grateful for you little sister.  May your life be blessed with everything you ever want and need.  I love you!

My life has been far from easy this year and I have gone to places in my mind that no one should ever have to suffer through.  I have been blessed in having Tony and Corrin to hold my hand to and to guide me and fill my heart with love to make sure that I will come out on the other end.  SO if you have someone in your life that are like these two, take the time to love them back.  Take the time to tell them thank you for all that they do.  Let them know they are appreciated !

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