Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Tonight I will try to remain positive.  Tonight I will believe in the changes others can see in me
even if I cannot see them my self.  Tonight I will have hope that things will get better.  Tonight I will believe that my God will take care of me.  Tonight I will love myself because I am worthy.  Tonight I will progress on changing my thinking.  Tonight I will forgive myself and those I am mad at.  Tonight I will lay still and no peace.  Tonight I will go to sleep grateful knowing I mad it another 24 hours with out drugs and alcohol.  Tonight I will thank God for so many blessings.  Tonight I will ask God for his will not mine.  Tonight I will believe that God is doing for me what I could not do for my self!
Tonight in this moment I have everything I need...  All by the grace of God!

Good night.  Love hard, appreciate them, be grateful and pray!


  1. Tonight I will be thankful I have a safe place to lay my head...for there were times I did not. Tonight I am grateful for my sobriety...for there were nights that seemed imPossible. Tonight I will be thankful that someone withdrew their love because out was not gods will for my life...that I was rescued, no matter how much it hurt. Amen

  2. Powerful thoughts. And thoughts can change our lives, slowly, moment by moment.