Thursday, September 27, 2012


Its funny how easy I can slip into that negative place despite everything I have learned over the past year.  Slowly but surely I am coming out of that black hole once again and something happened tonight that made me decide to do a gratitude post every night.  Do I have everything I want in life?  No, but I do have some pretty amazing things...  Tonight I got to spend some time talking with a new friend that shared his experiences that made me realize that things will be ok. I am looking froward to seeing this relationship grow.  Today I also had the wonderful experience of seeing the light come back on in a fellow alcoholic...  And it is only through service work was I able to see this change and it quickly got me out of that place in my head where I did not need to be, just like it is suggested in the big book.  Tonight I am also grateful for another friend.  A friend that is always willing to listen.  A friend that always calls me on my bullshit.  A friend that knows how to make me feel important with just a few kind words and a sweet smile.  You know who you are and I am glad you are in my life!  I cannot do this without you!

Thank you God for keeping me sober another 24 hours and the many blessing you have bestowed upon me. 

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