Sunday, December 16, 2012

Coming Alive

What a fantastic week it has been.  I am living proof that being sober and working a good program will pay off.  The last two meetings I have attended allowed me to hear the things I absolutly needed to hear. Let me share a little bit about the week I have had.  First, I was laid off from my job.  Which was a complete blessing.  I was terribly unhappy with the whole situation.  And no amount of money is worth spending that much time miserable.  With all this new free time I have, I will be working on my new company, trying to take a stab at becoming a substitute teacher, spending more time with my baby niece, and diving even deeper into my AA program.  I am hoping to get set up with a group of guys that take meetings to the local jails twice a week.  This is where I feel I could be of maximum service to my fellow man.  I also have a ton of things to get taken care of in order to get ready for school in June.  One of these things includes doing a ton of writing.  I have a lot of writing projects in the works and hopefully they will get me some money.  The new website for The Sober Life is currently under construction and I am learning about internet/social media marketing.  I am very excited about my professional future.  As long as I stay sober, it is all possible.  No more under achieving for this under achiever.  This week I have also started spending time with a beautiful woman.  I am very excited to see what might happen here.  It is funny how things work out some time.  I want to yell it from the mountain tops!  I am so HAPPY!  Thank you God!  I am so very grateful! 

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  1. I think the jail meetings will be amazing. It's a great way to carru the message and be of maximum service!