Friday, January 11, 2013

Letter to God

Dear God,

How are you?  I am well thanks to you.  I am alive, thriving, and holding the course.  I figured since I have been struggling with my prayer and meditation that I would use my writing as a way of communicating with you.  I am hoping that if I incorporate my prayers into my writing I can get back to that place where I was at the beginning of last summer where we were talking everyday. In those hot Georgia mornings I felt so connected to you, those moments were so powerful I could not help but cry.  Today I have more faith in you than ever, but I feel as though the communication is lacking on my end.  It never fails on your end.  Tonight, I heard a gentleman share about how his ability to forgive at this point in his sobriety was a miracle.  Earlier today I prayed for you to help me with ability to forgive and you spoke through him tonight.  You allowed me to listen tonight and like many nights in my meetings, I heard exactly what I needed to.  So, tonight here are my prayers.  Please, God, help me.   Help me to continue on this path.  Help me to continue to stay sober.  Help me to continue to grow in your light and to understand your will for me.  Help me to continue to learn to love myself and know what I am worth in your eyes.  Help me to continue to be selfless and always put others needs ahead of my own.  Please help me to carry this message of sobriety and hope to the addict and alcoholic that still suffers.  Please show me where I can be of service to my fellow man in all aspects of my life.  Please help me to ask why less and how more.  Please help me to love more and hate less.  Help me be a better man.  Thank you for all that you have given me.  Thank you for the chance to live again.  Thank you for my wonderful family.  Thank you for the fantastic friends new and old in my life.  Thank you for taking away the fear and the worry that haunted me for so long.  Thank you God for saving my life.



  1. What a wonderful heartfelt letter to God.
    Thank you for sharing it, and thanks to God for giving me a second chance at life too.

  2. Very cool. Thanks for sharing buddy!