Monday, January 23, 2012

Childhood Friends

      On Friday evening the 2nd oldest friend in my life will be coming for a visit to Denver.  John and I have been friends since we were in the 7th or 8th grade.  I cannot quite remember which..  The funny thing is that we have not seen each other in 10 years, we think.  We cannot seem to remember what year it was the last time we saw each other.  But we are guessing it was somewhere around 99 or 2000.  The really funny part about it to me is that no one here in Denver knows anything about me from that long ago, unless of course I shared any of that old stuff with them.  So after discussing John’s travel plans today with him my mind started to wander all over these old memories that I had not thought about in years.  Places we use to ride our bikes.  Memories of old girlfriends and first dates in a car with out our parents and what we were really doing with them in my parents basement when we were suppose to be watching movies.. .  A few of you reading this remember my parent’s basement.   HAHAHAH!!!  I also thought about memories of fights, some won, some lost, but ultimately the feeling of having your best friend standing up for you and what that truly means.  I thought about memories of being an innocent kid and having nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon in the Atlanta suburbs but ride my bike.  I have also thought about the two of us being the only freshman on a soccer team with 11 starting seniors and still getting to play.  We took a lot of abuse on that field but man was it fun.  Stephen King says “You never will have the friends like you did when you were 12,” and I could not agree more.  Some of us are just fortunate enough to have maintained those friendships through out a life time…  So it will be nice to give my old friend a big hug and exchange stories of our wild existence, places we have traveled and women of our past…….  Friday will not get here soon enough!!!!

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