Sunday, January 22, 2012

Alcohol and Heart Break

30 seconds was all it took
You in that little blue dress
Made me such a mess
Finally in December I had to profess
Two weeks away was the test
New Year’s Day was the best
One week later your head began to spin
And the pain had to begin
In a drunken rage
You showed your age
Two guys in one week
That was not for the meek
Down in a hole
To save my soul
Buried from the sun
I took my booze on the run
Back and forth just for fun
But you hit me with a brick that weighed a ton
A three month break
We could not take
In a blink
I did not have time to think
Then came those three words
I could not believe I heard
But the police came around       
And it was time for me to be leavin town
Our love grew strong
I wish it didn’t have to take so long
But after twenty years of being sick
The smog in my brain was pretty thick
You loved what I had become
Sobriety you said you wanted some
But alcohol not me is your best friend
Now it is time for us to end

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I know that same story too. Beautifully written.