Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is so familiar!


you wake up your smile is strange
crooked with sugar coated pain
your tongue is stained with the name
the purple blood of The Viper

you fall out of bed and down your stairs
your kitchen is ice blue sharp and bare
one bowl of scorpions and scarlet hair
your breakfast with The Viper

so you click your big screen TV on
but your pretty panorama’s gone
just one scene throbbing on and on
those green cruel eyes of The Viper

so you put a shotgun in your mouth
but you can’t pull that trigger now
your hands are dealing for the house
you’re working for The Viper

and you smoke a pipe and you snort a line
that sultan’s stash he left behind
you’ve been an addict all your life
now you’re higher than The Viper

you walk out into your backyard
the lawn’s all tragic black and charred
burned flat and hard, your calling card
from your visit with The Viper

so you climb into your S.U.V.
you drive downtown to pay your fee
your spine still twists with ecstacy
now you’ve mated with The Viper

your life’s one sugar coated failure
but what a tale you have to tell
your brain’s still crashing with the bells
from your wedding with The Viper

now your soul is old and grey
how many lifetimes will you pay
raw meat is all you crave today
you’re hungry as The Viper

Lyrics and music by Daniel Hutchens
© 2009
Published by Wet Trombone Music BMI

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